Central Bank of Swaziland

Exchanging money

Mutilated Notes

One of the functions of the Central Bank is to redeem mutilated notes. This function stems from it being the institution mandated to be sole issuer and redeemer of the Emalangeni currency. Redemption of mutilated notes means exchange of substandard currency (e.g. torn, dirty or burnt notes) for clean notes. This is done at the Central Bank of Swaziland’s Banking Hall at Umntsholi Building.

The exchange of mutilated notes is a service also offered by the commercial banks on behalf of the Central Bank of Swaziland. Redemption is guided by rules set below as per government gazette. The degree of mutilation determines the value that can be paid.

Full value payment

The full face value of currency is paid under the following circumstances:

  • when the mutilation is such that all the full authorised signatures appear and there is at least one full serial number
  • when the mutilation is such that one and half signatures appear on the face of the note and one full serial number.

Half Value Payment

Where the mutilation is such that only one full signature and serial number appear on the face of the note.

No Redemption

There will be no redemption for any note that does not meet the above requirements. There will be no redemption for any note that does not pass the security features tests.


  • Obtain forms from the nearest commercial bank or Central Bank
  • Fill up the information required
  • Take the money and form to any Commissioner of Oaths to swear for proof of ownership and the truthfulness of the information you provided
  • Present to the Bank the form and money for payment/redemption.