Central Bank of Swaziland

Corporate Communications Department

The Corporate Communications Division under the Office of the Governor provides overall oversight and effectiveness of the Bank’s communications with both internal and external stakeholders. As a statutory body, the Bank regards communications not just as a matter of transparency, but also of education, guidance, persuasion and dialogue. The division works to ensure a sustained positive public image (brand) of the Bank and healthy and fruitful relationships with all its stakeholders.

Strategic objectives

  • Reduce the number of negative and inaccurate media reports on matters concerning the mandate of the Bank.
  • Promote the image of the Bank to increase basic knowledge and understanding of the mandate of the Bank
  • Manage internal and external communication tools, ensuring that they are fully functional, up to date and accessible to relevant stakeholders.
  • Continuously inform staff on the latest developments and ensure that they are aligned to the vision and strategic trajectory and destination of the Bank
  • Develop and coordinate a communication programme for continuous engagement with the Bank’s stakeholders.

Central Bank of Swaziland
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