Central Bank of Swaziland

Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services Department is the portal of entry and exit from the organisation and supports the functions of all the other departments in the Bank. It is divided into four divisions, namely; Human Resources, Institutional Development, General Services, and Security.

Definition and Philosophy:

“To be a leading department in human capital management that promotes organisational development and talent management through an affective performance management culture whilst ensuring efficient asset management within a safe and secure working environment.”

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Human capital management
  2. Organisational development, talent management and performance management.
  3. Efficient asset and procurement processes management.
  4. Ensuring a safe and secure environment.

The Human Resources Division

The generic functions of the Human Resources Division are: recruitment of new employees; orientation and placement of the recruited employees; administration of benefits and compensation programmes; ensuring efficient HR Information Systems; developing and running with a strategic approach to human resources; monitoring compliance with legal requirements as well as administering award and recognition programmes. Under the same division lies the Staff Benefits Section which is responsible for all employee welfare matters including the administration of pensions; administration of the medical aid scheme; administration of group life insurances for members of staff; supervision of the sports club; employee wellness (which is managed by the Employee Assistance Programme); administration of rural housing scheme in collaboration with the Internal Finance Department; organising of staff events such as the Christmas party, Family Day and other events involving all members of staff; management of staff leave; and provision of memorabilia (diaries, calendars, etc) to all members of staff as and when they are needed.

The Institutional Development Division

The Institutional Development Division (IDU) was established in 1999. Its major responsibilities include coordination of the strategic plan together with staff rationalisation and training. The aim of the strategic plan is to ensure that the Bank has competent human resources to enable delivery on its mandates. It also aims at aligning all activities of the departments to the vision and mission of the Bank. The IDU plays a major role in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the Bank’s strategic plan; performance management system; Salary Review Surveys; and Skills Audit projects. This Division also organises various general management development courses and coordinates department-specific training interventions to add value to the skills inventory. In implementing the strategic plan, the Bank has adopted the Balance Score Card (BSC) system as a monitoring tool. The IDU is the custodian of the BSC system.

The General Services Division

The main functions of the General Services Division are to administer, maintain and rehabilitate all Bank premises, including office buildings, residences, Bank flats, yards and gardens, as well as the assets therein. It manages and supervises new projects and renovations. It keeps inventory registers and controls movement of assets within and outside the Bank’s premises. The office manages access control and parking. The office further facilitates communication tools such as telephones, faxes, cellular phones and other items of technology. To manage the procurement of goods and items for use within the Bank, the office serves as the secretariat for the Bank’s Tender Committee. It manages the ordering and purchasing of goods from suppliers. The Division also manages the Bank’s transport fleet so that it is adequate to meet all the Bank’s needs. Furthermore, the Division manages the Bank’s canteen, procurement of food and cutlery and the supply or meals to Bank staff and official visitors.

The Security Division

The Security Division strives to maintain a secured environment for the Bank employees, clients and visitors. This is done through maintaining a well-disciplined security force whose priority is to protect the assets, employees, clients and other interests of the Bank by the most prudent means against any internal or external threats through exercising the necessary controls. The Division also strives to ensure a safe working environment for the Bank’s employees and clients. Its responsibilities include, amongst others, to take the necessary steps to identify and measure the potential hazards or risks in the working environment from both health and hygiene aspects, within the broad context of the prevention of occupational injuries and disease.

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