Central Bank of Swaziland

Office of the Governor

The Office of the Governor comprises the Governor, Deputy Governor and Assistant Governor, together with the offices of the Secretary to the Board and Corporate Communication. The Office of the Deputy Governor is responsible for the Economic Policy Research and Statistics Department, Financial Regulation Department, Corporate Services Department and Internal Audit. The Office of the Assistant Governor is responsible for the Operations Department, Finance Department, Financial Markets and Risk Management. The Assistant Governor also serves as the Ombudsman for banking services in Swaziland.

The Office of the Secretary to the Board is the custodian for governance and supports all divisions of the Bank with record keeping, administration and legal services. It houses the Ethics Office, Legal Office, Secretarial Pool and Information and Records.

The Corporate Communication Office is responsible for stakeholder relationship management, media relations, branding and overall communications. Its work is to build public understanding. It is responsible for public relations, media relations, the Bank's website and newsletter, education and community programmes, including the Bank’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme. The Office also manages internal Bank-wide staff communications.

Central Bank of Swaziland
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