Central Bank of Swaziland

Financial Markets

The Central Bank of Swaziland, through the Financial Markets Department, engages in a variety of operations covering money markets, bond markets, and foreign exchange markets. This is in support of the core objectives relating to monetary and financial stability, and the implementation of the Bank’s monetary policy decisions. The Financial Markets Department has two key areas of responsibility in the functions of the Central Bank:

  1. Management of the country’s foreign exchange reserves - The Department is responsible for managing the foreign exchange reserves, and provides market information and analysis to assist the Governors in their decision-making. These functions also include participating on the spot and forward foreign exchange markets to service the foreign exchange needs of the Central Bank and its clients.
  2. Management of domestic debt - The Department acts as funding agent of the Government by conducting Bond and Treasury Bills auctions, and participating in the formulation of debt management strategies.

Central Bank of Swaziland
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