Bond Auction Results

There are [40]   Bond Auction Results doduments available. Click on the link to view or download.

27th November, 2018 SG033 Reopening 27-Nov-2018 5 Year 9.25% Bond Results SG033_Reopening2_Bond_Results.pdf
27th November, 2018 SG034 Reopening 27-Nov-2018 7 Year 9.75% Bond Results SG034_Reopening2_Bond_Results.pdf
27th November, 2018 SG035 Reopening 27-Nov-2018 10 Year 10.25% Bond Results SG035_Reopening2_Bond_Results.pdf
25th September, 2018 SGIFB006 6 Year 9.5% Infrastructure Bond results SGIFB006 Eswatini Government Bond Results.pdf
28th August, 2018 SG036 3 Year 9.00 % Bond Results SG036_Results.pdf
28th August, 2018 SG035 Reopening 28-Aug-2018 10 Year 10.25% Bond Results SG035_Reopening_ Results.pdf
28th August, 2018 SG034 Reopening 28-Aug-2018 7 Year 9.75% Bond Results SG034_Reopening_Results.pdf
28th August, 2018 SG033 Reopening 28-Aug-2018 5 Year 9.25% Bond Results SG033_Reopening_Results.pdf
26th June, 2018 SG035 10 Year 10.25% Bond Results SG035_Results.pdf
26th June, 2018 SG034 7 Year 9.75% Bond Results SG034_Results.pdf
26th June, 2018 SG033 5 Year 9.25% Bond Results SG033_Results.pdf
28th May, 2018 SGIFB005 8-Year Infrastrucure Bond Results SGIFB005_Results.pdf
26th March, 2018 SGIFB004 10-Year Infrastrucure Bond Results SGIFB004_Results.pdf
26th January, 2018 SG031 7-Year 10.00% Bond Results SG031_Results.pdf
22nd December, 2017 SGIFB003 9-Year 10.25% Infrastrucure Bond Results SGIFB003 _Results.pdf
26th October, 2017 SGIFB002 8-Year 10.00% Infrastrucure Bond Results SGIFB002_26OCT_2017.pdf
28th August, 2017 SG027 SG027 Re-Opening 10-yr Bond Auction Results SG027_RE_OPENING_Bond_Results.pdf
26th July, 2017 SGIFB001 9.75% 5-yr Infrastructure Bond SGIFB001_26JUL2017.pdf
27th June, 2017 SG030 SG030 7-yr Bond Auction Results SG030SwdGvtBondResults27062017.pdf
23rd February, 2017 SG029 SG029 5-yr Bond Auction Results SG029_RESULTS_23FEB2017.pdf