The Strategy and Communications Department is responsible for the CBS strategy and all Bank projects. The department ensures a positive public image (brand) and healthy relationships with all stakeholders-internal and external.


The Strategy and Projects Management Office is responsible for the development, execution and evaluation of the Bank's corporate strategy. The office further manages all CBS projects.


  • Strategy development this entails doing an environmental analysis, goal setting and development of department execution plans
  • Execution of Strategy this involves cascading and communication of the strategy
  • Periodic reviews and evaluations of the strategy
  • Managing and supervising all CBS projects according to the Projects Management Framework (PMBoK)


The Communications Office uses integrated marketing communications to serve as a yardstick for evaluation on progress in carrying out the Bank's mandate as well assisting the Bank in positioning itself in an increasingly complex global environment. It is responsible for stakeholder relationship management, media relations, branding and overall communications. The duty of the office is to build public understanding. It is also responsible for public relations, media relations, the Bank's website and newsletter, education and community programmes, including the Bank's Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme. The Office also manages internal Bank-wide staff communications.


  • Brand Communication through positioning and exploiting the Bank's products and services in order to enhance the CBS brand, products (coins, notes, bonds, treasury bills) and services. it also involves the promotion and provision of information about products and services through advertising, public relations, media relations and Corporate Social Investment and providing products and services through tools that are convenient for stakeholders to access i.e. website, intranet, emails, noticeboards, roadshows etc.
  • Stakeholder Management through identifying, recognizing and acknowledging stakeholders, determining their influence and interest, establishing their communication management plan and engaging them.