While striving to fulfil its mandates, objectives and mission, the Bank found it prudent to ensure that as all Swazis strive for prosperity, the visually impaired are not left behind.

As the Bank continued to interact with visually impaired persons through various fora, it was noted that the visually impaired were struggling with regard to accurate identification of the local currency.

It was observed that while the Bank has over the years strived to make it easier for visually impaired to identify coins through their features , the same could not be said about Emalangeni notes which adversely impacted this user group.

As a result, the Central Bank of Eswatini produced Cash Test Cards, which assist the visually impaired to easily identify notes. These are being distributed at strategic places around the country and are also available at the Central Bank of Eswatini and with FODSWA.

In total, the Bank acquired 10 000 cards, which will be distributed to all visually impaired persons in the country free of charge. However, in the unfortunate evet that a person loses his/her card and requires a replacement, the Bank replace it but at a charge of E30.00 (Thirty Emalangeni) per card.