The Central Bank of Eswatini corporate social investment programme

The Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE) commits to a corporate social investment (CSI) programme that is an integral component of a broader economic, social and environmental friendly strategy.

The Bank’s vision of CSI is to meaningfully impact the communities within which we operate, beyond just financial assistance. The programme’s mission is to ensure that its corporate social responsibility complements corporate and national objectives by leveraging business strength to pursue distinctive and high-profile flagship programmes.

Strategic Objectives
The Bank’s CSI programme objectives are as follows:

  • To support programmes that will complement the Bank’s mission of fostering financial sector stability conducive to economic development within the Kingdom of Eswatini.
  • To support initiatives that are sustainable and make good business sense to the Bank.
  • To contribute to the overall corporate strategy of the Bank towards creating a strong national value proposition for the Bank.
  • To address local community needs as opposed to individualistic requests.
  • To join hands with local non-profit making organisations and other corporations in pursuit of similar objectives to give back to the community, leveraging maximum impact from pooled resources. Though the list may be non-exhaustive, such organisations may include professional institutions, tertiary and academic institutions, etc.
CSI key priority area

Applications that shall be considered under the Central Bank of Eswatini CSI Partnership programme shall be those focusing on any of the following and related areas:

Community and Health Programme
  • Feeding of OVC in the Community - Community Kitchens establishment and maintenance.
  • Feeding of drought-stricken Communities.
  • Community Gardens to feed People Living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Home-Based Care, and Community Based VCT.
  • Initiatives aimed at addressing chronic illnesses.
Primary and High School Education
  • Assistance to needy students.
  • Sponsoring of High School Projects, including Computer Education Projects with focus on Commerce, Accounting, Economics, and other subjects relevant to the functions of the Bank.
  • Job shadowing programmes.
Tertiary Education
  • Attachment/internship Programme.
  • Research programmes at post-graduate level, likely to influence national economic policy or any function of the Bank.
  • Programmes aimed at encouraging actuarial; economic research; entrepreneurial and any other skills considered by the Bank as scarce and priority for national economic growth.
National and Research Institutions
  • Sponsoring research on topical issues likely to affect the national economic policy or any other function of the Bank.
  • Sponsoring seminars, workshops, meetings debating on current economic and financial issues.
Disaster Relief Funding
  • Given that disaster is something that happens at any time, the Bank shall through the CSI make contributions to local national disaster relief programmes.
  • The Board of Directors shall authorise the contribution to these programmes and the amount to be donated shall be determined by the Board.