Vision, Mission and Mandate

Our Vision
To have a stable price and self-regulating financial system to foster economic development.
Our Mission
To foster price and financial stability that is conducive to the economic development of Eswatini.
Our Values
  • Relevant & Performance Driven

    It is our task to deliver timely, appropriate, innovative, and quality services, to all our stakeholders.

  • Accountability

    We take ownership and responsibility for all actions and decisions, and we always respond in a transparent manner.

  • Integrity

    We are guided by honesty, ethics, uprightness, and objectivity; which means that we consistently do the right thing

  • Open Communication

    We give and receive feedback from our stakeholders, and our communication is at all times transparent, timely, and effective.

  • Respect

    We appreciate every individual's worth and we conduct ourselves in a way that assures dignity for all.

Our Mandate
  • To formulate and implement sound monetary policy to achieve financial stability.
  • To regulate and supervise the banking sector to the end of achieving a sound and efficient financial system.
  • To issue and redeem currency (notes & coins), which is legal tender in Eswatini.
  • To hold and manage foreign exchange reserves of the country.
  • To act as a banker, adviser and agent to the Eswatini Government on monetary and financial matters.
  • To facilitate the development and operation of an efficient national payment system.
  • To act as lender of last resort to financial institutions and facilitate the development of domestic financial markets.
  • To conduct research on monetary, financial and economic matters to support monetary policy formulation.
  • To strengthen stakeholder relationships.
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